Experience is What Makes Frank Magliato Special

Frank Magliato

Many clients describe Frank Magliato as a highly talented and effective investment professional. Most base that assessment on his unique skill with identifying the best possible business opportunities and acting on them at the perfect time; a time that provides the greatest benefit to clients. Frank has helped guide deals in diverse areas, including mining, social media, telecom and real estate development. He is there because he has shown such an aptitude for leading large and small clients to much greater success than even they thought possible.

Frank Magliato demonstrates a unique ability to view every opportunity from a variety of perspectives, including some perspectives many others don’t even consider. This is likely due to his 35 years’ experience handling private and public equity transactions in many different financial areas. These talents probably explain why Frank Magliato has been chosen to serve on boards of directors for several companies, including one that demonstrates his philanthropic side, as a board member with the Guardian Foundation, he helps provide grants to improve the health and welfare of underprivileged children in Panama.

Frank Magliato Assists Clients With Making the Best Deals

Frank MagliatoIt’s certainly been quite a career for Frank Magliato, over the past 30-plus years. A highly touted investment adviser, Frank also once served as president of Saddle River Associates & Company, which is considered among the finest private equity firms anywhere in the world. With that firm, Frank specialized in corporate transactions, and he was involved in many really big ones. He once led the way on more than a half billion dollars worth of transactions during his tenure, including a huge $150 million real estate development project in Panama.

Of course, he has also been a great entrepreneur over the years, as well. The highly diverse business experience he has gained throughout his long career has given Frank Magliato a high level proficiency in business. The fact is, a great many of Frank’s clients describe him in glowing terms, as one of the most impressive investment professionals anywhere. Clients like him because he puts their needs first and makes them money, which matters a lot. Frank Magliato seems quite adept at finding the best possible business opportunities and maximizing them to their greatest effect.

The Experience and Skill of Frank Magliato

Frank MagliatoFor the length of his long career, Frank Magliato has spent a lot of time honing his business acumen. In his time as President of private equity company Saddle River Associates & Company, he completed more than a half billion dollars in projects, including a $150 million Panamanian real estate project. Many clients describe Frank Magliato as someone with a unique capability to identify the most potentially lucrative business opportunities and to act on them at a time that is most opportune for each client.

There is also the time, years ago, when Frank Magliato founded, financed and spent time as President for telecom company Digitec2000, Inc. He established that company to provide prepaid domestic and international long distance calling services to customers all over. He found that experience so rewarding that he tried successfully to repeat it when he became founder, financier and president of Telecorp Inc., another long distance resale company. He succeeded with that one, too. In fact, he’s succeeded more often than not in a business career that has encompassed nearly four decades so far.

One trait Frank Magliato has shown over the years is his ability to see almost any business opportunity from many perspectives. This makes him capable to make the most of any situation. In addition to his work on behalf of himself and his clients, Frank Magliato has impressed so many that he has been chosen to serve as a director on the boards of a number of companies, not the least of which have been Nabali Investments, Veragold Mining Company and Capital Trading Group, among others. He also serves as a member of the board for Guardian Foundation, which provides grants to provide for the health and welfare of underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama, which means he demonstrates a philanthropic side, which can be as important as a strong business side.

Skills for Success – Frank Magliato

Frank Magliato

Certain careers take time to develop and a selection of skills. To become a successful businessman in the field of equity transactions, one would need an education as well as experience to help them develop the skills to handle equity transactions with ease and skill. Another element that would be necessary for success would be to become well rounded in general business so that they can predict industry developments properly. These skills combined would help to make a successful businessman.

Frank Magliato began his steps towards preparing for the business world by earning his engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He followed that educational achievement by earning a business degree from New York University as well. After those degrees, he began developing his experience in real world environments. This began with working in a variety of industries followed by a company that he founded called Digitec2000, Inc. This company allowed him to develop his leadership skills. After his time with Digitec2000, Frank Magliato expanded his work and began with Telecorp Inc. Frank Magliato practices in the field of equity transactions at the highest level. He has proven that he can found and successfully run businesses. This ability is rooted to his education and the experiences he has received during the process of running these businesses. He looks forward to continuing to develop his skills as well as benefit his clients in the process.

Frank Magliato – Variety of Industries

Frank MagliatoSome business professionals pick an industry and then only have that small window into the world of business around them. In the case of Frank Magliato, with his over 35 years of experience, he has widened that net significantly which has helped lead to his success. Frank Magliato has worked in industries ranging from social media to telecommunications and even real estate development. Each industry has taught him more about the opportunities that he can take advantage of both for his goals as well as the goals of his clients. He has worked hard to develop the skill of being able to pinpoint opportunities and then act on them at the right time.

The Businesses Run by Frank Magliato

Frank Magliato

Frank Magliato is proud to be able to run businesses. He is an entrepreneur who has focused his energy as a professional on founding, operating, and financing businesses at various levels throughout his career. It has been a formative process for him, with each business teaching him lessons, both good and bad, about how to run the next. Magliato was President of Saddle River Associates and Company, a company which specializes in various private equity transactions. The company has completed more than $500 million of projects.

Frank Magliato is a member of the Board of Directors at Veragold Mining Company, Consorcio Vista Verde, Nabali Investments, Guardian Finance Group, Capital Trading Group, and the Guardian Foundation–the latter is an organization which does considerable charitable work in the Republic of Panama.

How Frank Magliato Became a Dealmaking Expert

Frank Magliato

Because he has all sorts of business experience in a background that has stretched over decades, Frank Magliato has become known as someone capable of making a business deal in many situations. It’s no wonder, since he has spent so much time honing his business and dealmaking skills for such a long time. For example, as President of Saddle River Associates & Company, one of the finest private equity firms anywhere in the world, he was a key player on projects and deals that add up to well over a half billion dollars.

Frank Magliato’s massive business experience also includes time as President of Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company specializing in prepaid domestic and international calling and that was so successful that he repeated it by founding and running another telecom long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc., for a time. He also founded and helped to finance both companies. Frank also serves on several boards of directors for a variety of companies, such as Capital Trading Group, Consorcio Vista Verde, Guardian Finance Group and Nabali Investments, among others. And his membership on the board of Guardian Foundation, whose mission is to provide health and welfare grants to help underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama demonstrate a strong giving side.

Clients have often described Frank Magliato as an investment professional who is both capable and qualified to identify the best business opportunities and to act on them at the most opportune time for each individual client. It has been said that he is able to see such opportunities from many angles, to make any situation work. His experience includes public and private equity transactions in all sorts of areas, including such diverse areas as telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and social media.