Skills for Success – Frank Magliato

Frank Magliato

Certain careers take time to develop and a selection of skills. To become a successful businessman in the field of equity transactions, one would need an education as well as experience to help them develop the skills to handle equity transactions with ease and skill. Another element that would be necessary for success would be to become well rounded in general business so that they can predict industry developments properly. These skills combined would help to make a successful businessman.

Frank Magliato began his steps towards preparing for the business world by earning his engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He followed that educational achievement by earning a business degree from New York University as well. After those degrees, he began developing his experience in real world environments. This began with working in a variety of industries followed by a company that he founded called Digitec2000, Inc. This company allowed him to develop his leadership skills. After his time with Digitec2000, Frank Magliato expanded his work and began with Telecorp Inc. Frank Magliato practices in the field of equity transactions at the highest level. He has proven that he can found and successfully run businesses. This ability is rooted to his education and the experiences he has received during the process of running these businesses. He looks forward to continuing to develop his skills as well as benefit his clients in the process.